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Clever “Dishing Dirty” Ad Campaign Exposes “The Filthy Truths of the Modern Woman”

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“Eating organic is like giving Monsanto the finger.” Yes, yes, and yes! Take a look at this clever new ad campaign from online eco-retailer Abe's Market.





According to the Huffington Post, Abe's Market is looking to “target household chemicals found in everyday life in a series of dark and witty images.” I think they're doing a damn good job, if the images found on their Tumblr, Dishing Dirty, are any indication. I love the bright, bold styling of the models, combined with the eye-catching, provocative sayings.

There's been increased attention to the chemicals in our daily products in the last few years (See the trailer for the documentary Unacceptable Levels if you want to feel scared/confused/panicky about chemicals. Don't say I didn't warn you!), and I think the movement towards using greener cleaning products, as well as cosmetics, can only be beneficial. It's smart of Abe's Market to target women, as they reportedly control about 80% of household spending.

Still, as you can see, the images aren't all about chemicals; There are also quite a few that address healthy, greener living in general, like the funny one about quinoa, as well as the “eff you!” to Monsanto. Again, I think this is a great strategy: So much of the “healthy living” rhetoric can seem either way too stringent or way too woo-woo-hippie, out there, but Abe's Market's visuals strike a perfect cheeky-yet-intelligent tone.

Photos: Abe's Market Dirty Dishing Tumblr