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Abercrombie & Fitch: Now Selling The ‘Perfect Butt Yoga Collection’

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Hang on to your mats, yogis–Abercrombie & Fitch has rolled out a new line of yoga pants designed especially to give us the perfect butt. Wait, what? You mean, all this time when I was striving for enlightenment, reaching and sweating towards a new and improved me, vinyasa-ing my way towards a spiritually-fulfilled path of letting the universe shine within me (I heard that one the other day and quite liked it), I was missing out on what yoga is really all about: getting the perfect booty? What a yogi fool I have been! One hundred and eight sun salutations for me.

According to their website, the New Perfect Butt collection was “created to give you the perfect butt so no matter where you're going, your seat is always first class.” Emblazened with the Abercrombie signature across the top of our flawless pigeon-posing behinds, you'll be glad to know these pants come in a variety of styles, including the Hipster Legging, the Hipster Boot, the Legging, the Legging Crop, the Classic and the Short Short. And when they say “legging” that's exactly what these appear to be–super-skinny, tight-fitting wearables that look like they could easily creep into the wrong places and show off more than just your butt. About the only good thing going for these pants from what we can tell is the price. They retail for $28 to $48, which is far less than our other pet-peeve of a pant that goes for $98 (ahem, lululemon).

I've never been much of a yoga purist, but this pushes the commercialism envelope of the practice and turns it into something it's not (or shouldn't be) which is focusing more on how we look versus who we are. As I wrote about before, I have even boycotted yoga pants because of this very issue of companies trying to get us to conform to a certain trendy, fashionable “uniform” per se in order to make sure we look our very best when seeking enlightenment. I am happy to say that I am finding plenty of that in my Target shorts and tanks. So, thanks anyway Abercrombie, but no thanks.

Namaste. Or should we say, NamASSte?

Photo: Abercrombie.com