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A Warm Welcome to Declutter It

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 declutter it

I found a great new b5 blog tonight.  Although it is not part of the Family & Relationships Channel that Thrifty Mommy belongs to, I think this site will be very helpful to me. 

I have confessed my issues with clutter.  Clutter is a never ending issue with me.  Every day more mail comes in.  I have good intentions to take care of things right away, but that just doesn't seem to work.  Honestly, I think my problem is my system.  I pretty much don't have one.  I think I need to get some of baskets or something set up for incoming mail and such. 

In the meantime, I'll be checking out Declutter It!  I hope Julie can help me figure out what kind of system will best fit my needs.

Do you have any organization tips that have worked for you?  Please share them.  Let's help each other.  🙂