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A thrifty trick to saving money and water

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I live and wash on teh hopes that there is rain. I am constantly running my well dry. I know I am getting older because I now look at rainfall in relation to how many loads of laundry I can do and how much water will be left for showers. Trust me, there is nothing worse than standing in the shower with soap in your hair and not being able to rinse it out. Talk about a bad hair day. I have heard about this water and money saving trick and like the idea. I will give a quick disclaimer, if you, shall we say, fill the potty a lot, then flush more often as you will have a little less water in the flush.
According to the video, you can save 16% on y ou water bill and 7500 gallons of water per year. Now I can handle that many showers!

Let me know what you think.