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A Scrapbook for Alzheimer’s Patients

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I was asked, when Mother moved to the Alzheimer's unit of the nursing home, to provide a scrapbook or photo album of important people and events in her life.  These would be familiar items for her and help the nurses and other staff in relating to her. This also was something we could work on or talk about together when  I visited. 

I discovered that what I thought would be meaningful might be unrecognizable to Mother.  Recent photos of family members, as Mother receeded further into her memory, didn't have meaning.

“Who's that?” she'd ask of photos of my daughter or grandchildren. 

However, if I showed her photos of Beth as a youngster, she might recognize that as her little Bethie.  When you find a family member doesn't realize who people are, you probably have to delve into his/her earlier life.