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A little reminder about dehydration – my top 10 ways to get kids to drink

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Turkey Butt has been very sick with the stomach flu. Her doctor gave her a prescription for anti-nausea that has helped but we are still trying to get Gatorade and Pedialite down her. Her favorite drink is strawberry milk and I can't let her have that on such a queezy stomach until she is better. Our doctor says if she isn't better by tomorrow, then she iwll have to be hospitalized. Not exactly what I wanted to hear.

So here is what I am trying and I hope it will help you as well to be mindful of keeping fluids in your sick kids:
* Use Pedialite freezer pops. Turkey Butt thinks they are ice pops and I am hoping she will eat them.
* Find a favorite color. Of course, I let Turkey Butt pick out her Gatorade and she picked pink. I'm trying everything.
* My LEAST FAVE IDEA – I let her go to bed with a cup of ice water. I will take any fluid any time I can get it down her.
* Use fun straws and cups they aren't normally allowed to drink out of.
* Take them shopping for a new cup or water bottle.
* If they like pop cycles, then freeze their favorite juice in ice trays, cover with saran wrap and stick a toothpick in it.
* Make a smoothie with ice instead of milk and add fruit to the juice. This is very healthy and full of water.
* Let her pick out a fun kind of drink package like the healthy juice boxes and bags. Not the best thing to do to your pocket book, but it is very fun for them.
* Save a fun bottle and mix tang. My aunt does this and we call it special juice. My daughter will drink it like it is going out of style because of the packaging. This works great in the summer time for Turkey Butt.
* If they aren't stomach sick, just not drinking, offer strawberry or chocolate flavoring to their milk. At least it's fluid down the tummy.

I hope these ideas help you keep your kids hydrated during the summer and when they are sick. I am trying just about all of them right now. Wish us luck! Will update you tomorrow wither from home or the hospital.