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A Little Planning Goes A Long Way

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I am really pleased that today's post is provided by Kath, who writes the very cool and informative blog Kath Eats. Please check out her blog, its all about eating food that's good tasting and good for you. I will bet the cost of a pint of ice cream, that you will all love it as much as I do.

Now here is the featured post:

The last thing you want to do when you are tired and hungry, is slave over the stove attempting to pull together ingredients into something edible. When you get to a certain degree of hunger, cooking becomes a chore, and eating becomes something you do only to take away the discomfort of hunger. So you decide to eat yet another frozen dinner, or order take out from the restaurant across the street because its easy. Your body is giving you every signal possible that it needs nourishment, yet you respond by feeding it processed, fat-laden, sodium-filled “food”.

Those who eat healthy most of the time will tell you that they feel fabulous inside and out. Good food makes you feel good – mentally and physically. I have a sweet tooth and spent one Christmas at a family dessert buffet, sampling everything on it. I ate until I was stuffed full of fat and sugar, and my stomach hurt. The next morning I woke up feeling lethargic, bloated, and nauseous. Despite having gotten a good night's sleep, I even looked horrible with a puffy face and circles under my eyes. I made a note to self: remember how you feel right now.  So far it has worked as a reminder that what you put in your mouth, is distributed to every cell in your body.

When living with a chronic illness, it is especially important to keep your body optimally fueled with balanced meals filled with nutrients, vitamins, minerals and energy. While you can't control your illness, you can control the foods you eat. Your best defense is to have a fridge stocked full of fresh foods that are ready when you are. When you're feeling well, chop your vegetables for the week and cook some rice, so that when you aren't you can reheat and eat on a whim. When you have the time and energy, cooking can be very therapeutic. I love to chop vegetables on a Sunday afternoon but Thursday night at 7:00? Just get them in my belly ASAP! I've learned that a little planning goes a long way.

Remember that the choice to eat a healthy diet is your own. No one is forcing you to eat those French fries – it's your decision. Choose to eat real food and your body will thank you.I close with some food for thought:

Make a Healthy ChoiceA robust and satisfying life doesn't happen by accident. It's the nurtured, crafted culmination of a series of south and conscious decisions. From the work you do to the food you buy, from what you take on to what you turn down, your wellness is ultimately determined by the quality of each and every choice. Not that they're all going to be perfect, nor should they be. They just have to be ones you make mindfully. That's when magic happens. Life starts to become something you do, not something you merely leave to chance.

~ Terri Trespicio, Body +Soul, March 2008

Thanks again to Kath, for her take on eating for wellness. It's motivated me to ignore the “eat me” callings from the gelato that resides inside my freezer.