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A Little Marijuana for Your MRSA?

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Marijuana leaf

Ready for yet another possible medicinal use for marijuana? How about fighting MRSA, the staph infection resistant to most antibiotics.

Indeed, researchers in Italy and the UK tested five of marijuana's major chemicals (called cannabinoids) on different strains of MRSA, and all five proved to be germ destroyers in lab tests. In addition, some synthetic cannabinoids showed that same capability. Interesting.

So why does marijuana work when traditional antibiotics don't? Because the cannabinoids kill bacteria in a different way, and they are possibly able to bypass that bacterial resistance.

And what about marijuana's trademark “high”? So far it's been found that at least two of the cannabinoids don't possess mood-altering effects. A drawback for some of you, but a benefit for most, wink-wink.

Can't wait to see what becomes of this finding…