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A Green And White Wedding Cake

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While I was at the bridal show a couple weeks ago, I saw several wedding cakes. I love checking out decorated cakes, probably because I enjoy decorating them myself.

While I was browsing through Mrs. B’s Cakes I saw this really pretty green and white cake and fell in love. The cake was actually in the back row, so I had to get just the right angle to get a picture of it. I’m so glad Mrs B’s was kind enough to let me take a picture.

A Green and White Wedding Cake Wedding cake green and white jpgI adore the color green, that’s probably why I fell in love with this cake, I also love polka dots, and I like the flowers on top.

This cake would go really well with the pink and green wedding theme that Christine wrote about here, and that I’ve written about at She Knows Parties. Here are links to some of the pink and green wedding ideas.

Cake Image (c) L Gerlach