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A Grave Reminder

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I went over to see mum yesterday and we went together to visit Nana’s grave. There is something so comforting yet so upsetting when you visit a grave.

I know people say it is just a body, but to me it is still Nana and to know that she is there just 6 feet away is heart wrenching. I want her here, I want her by my side…I want her grumpiness, her stubbornness, her love….her smile.

Yet at least being able to visit her and talk to her allows you to keep some kind of relationship.

I went with mum and it was special. I was visiting my dear nana with the person most special in my life. There is nothing like the love ….the unconditional love…of a mum. I felt completely privileged that I still had her love in my life, whilst realizing that she no longer had her mum there by her side….

Weird a sad moment and yet a happy moment that I have had so much love in my life….I hate death and what it brings, but I also realize what a lucky girl I am….

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