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A Father’s Take on Breastfeeding Perception Versus Reality

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It's breastfeeding carnival time again and in honor of Father's Day we've got some fathers added into the mix of contributors (see the complete list at the bottom of this post). My own husband shares how he became such a passionate advocate for breastfeeding:

“With Father’s Day approaching, I pondered how breastfeeding has influenced my life, and I keep coming back to so many instances where the general perceptions diverge from reality. Here are a few of my favorites.

#1 F*rmula (word changed to protect innocent blogs from ads by the evil empire 🙂 ): I was breastfed until 2 ½, and my younger brother until 5. I even remember my aunt tandem nursing my then 2-year-old brother with his same age cousin one time when my parents were away on a trip. I knew about La Leche League by the time I was 5. Despite all that great modeling, flash forward to the birth of our first daughter. My wife and I agreed that she would breastfeed, and I fully expected that this meant breastfeeding no more than a few months and then starting f*rmula until our baby could eat baby food from a jar. After all, that’s why it was called baby f*rmula and baby food.

Looking back, I cringe at the thought! How could I be so blind? The human race got along just fine for thousands of years without f*rmula or baby food jars, and so did our kids! I chalk up my mental lapse to years of brainwashing media created in typical Hollywood fashion by people who either don’t have kids or shouldn’t.

#2 Convenience: For some reason, I thought that having kids was all about digestive issues and being tethered to home like a ball and chain. I secretly dreaded the thought of giving up my independence. Woohoo, turns out that was just my friends who were f*rmula-feeding with all the required paraphernalia including shoulder-shaped towels for the constant spit-up, the 80 lb pack of supplies, and an unwillingness to leave home with kids in tow.

Breastfeeding = no indigestion, highly portable food supply, instant soothing, and no crying in public places. Our kids get to enjoy many of the same things we do thanks in no small part to breastfeeding.

#3 Outrage: I had no idea we lived in such a puritanical society. How is it possible that some people believe that a child should be denied nourishment and comfort just because they’re afraid God might frown on them catching a glimpse of a lactating mammary! For pete’s sake people, Jesus and all the prophets were nursed as kids. Get over it.

#4 Amazement: Breastfeeding and attachment parenting have formed such a strong bond for my wife, my daughters and myself. It never ceases to amaze me. Forging such a bond is one of the few truly human endeavors, and I’m so glad to have discovered it. Sharing this love makes me proud to be a father this Father’s Day.”

(He's an excellent father, by the way! And an excellent husband for taking the time to contribute his thoughts on breastfeeding!)

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