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“A Closer Look” Deserves Just That

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Mary McCarthy has hit the illustrative jackpot with her debut picture book. A Closer Look A Closer Look  Deserves Just That ir t mytwobo 20 amp l as2 amp o 1 amp a 0061240737 not only asks children to take a closer look at an object but it actually makes them. It stimulates their imagination, forces them to observe, dictates that they open their minds and physically see the handmade paper collages on the pages.

The School Library Journal states:

Rendered from handmade papers and collage, the bold artwork is elegant and eye-catching. The broad lines, simple graphic images, and textured details suit the magnified perspectives, while the more expansive scenes are beautifully composed. As children take a closer look at the pages, they will enjoy making guesses and experience a sense of discovery that ties in neatly with the book’s nature theme.