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A Cat-Proof Fish Tank?

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My cat eats wet food composed mainly of tuna. It's natural he'd want to go fishing. Yet, I gave into my urge to have a pet fish again anyway. Keep reading to see how that turned out.

A few weeks ago, I told you about my new Betta fish. While the Tetra Water Wonders 1.5 gallon aquarium I got for it isn't marketed as cat-proof, it was recommended in reviews by fellow cat owners who also happen to love fish. It's available at many big retailers. The main attraction for this aquarium kit: it has a cover. I didn't want a larger tank with a light hood for my single Betta. A glass bowl just wasn't going to keep kitty away either.


So, I gave the Water Wonders tank a try against my very Sylvester-like kitty cat. That blur of red and blue you see in the photo is fishy.

Will your Betta fish be safe from adoring cats in this tank? That depends on how you look at it. I'll talk about all the components of the tank in an upcoming review, but let's discuss the finer details of fish protection.

My fish is still alive, and hasn't come into contact with kitty claws. Yet, I did end up having to add tape over the feeding hole, a temporary solution. The small hole on the top of the cover allows you to feed without lifting the lid, but it's also just big enough for a cat's paw to fit inside. I found water splashed everywhere. And I eventually caught him in the act. There was little chance he could get the fish out with one paw, but he could puncture it, and there's the problem of the water mess.

The other issue with this tank and cats is that it's made of acrylic. You bet my cat has left several lovely, long claw marks down the front — remnants of his futile fishing. I suppose those claw marks are physical evidence of what I came to admit to myself.

This is the cat's fish tank. I just take care of it for him. After all, he spends hours staring at it, his television set.

(Image via Peggy Rowland)