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9 Ways to Tell if Your Therapist is Crazy

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What About Bob?
People in psychological turmoil are easy targets. Don't get conned by your shrink:

  1. The Exploiter – He or she tries to have you move in and do chores, keep the books, work the farm, have sex, etc.
  2. The Neurotic – He or she spends a lot of time during your sessions talking about his or her own personal problems, such as her husband's illness, his wife's frigidity, another patient's hang-ups, his sexual needs.
  3. The Cult Guru – He or she requires as a condition for therapy that you cut off all relations with your spouse, children, parents and other loved ones.
  4. The Savant Idiot – He or she claims to know what your problem is and how to fix it, even though no thorough history of you has been taken.
  5. The Exorcist – He or she claims that you must be hypnotized in order to discover either hidden memories or hiding entities which are causing your problems.
  6. The Johnny-One-Note – He or she specializes not in treating people for specific problems such as depression or anxiety, but rather in treating people as if all problems have an identical cause.
  7. The Miracle Worker – He or she claims to have a technique which works miracles or works like magic, curing those who had heretofore been considered hopeless.
  8. The Scientist – He or she has a checklist which is claimed to be an excellent way to find out if you suffer from whatever the therapist specializes in, and you have enough checks to qualify.
  9. The New Age Pseudo-scientist – He or she requires as a condition for therapy that you accept certain religious, metaphysical or pseudo-scientific notions. To have good therapy you should not be required to believe in God, reincarnation, alien abductions, possession by entities, inner children, Primal Pains, channeling, miracles, or any of the many pseudo-scientific theories popular among therapists.

According to Margaret Thaler Singer and Janja Lalich, authors of Crazy Therapies : What Are They? Do They Work?, any average Joe should be able to spot these behaviors in their therapist and then take appropriate actions. Actions like issuing stop-payments, and weeding them out of their lives before doing their best to get their license to practice revoked.

Now come sit on this couch and take off your pants and jacket…