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9 Signs You’re Not Going To Start Running (No Matter How Much You Want To)

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runAs much as I love exercise, it's time to admit to myself that I'll probably never be a runner. Or at least the kind of person who can bound out the door and just run, at least not regularly. Once in awhile I'll take a little run around the neighborhood and love it, all the while swearing to myself that I'll do it almost every day maybe even run a half marthon sometime, but it never becomes a thing that I do. Other types of exercise like yoga and spinning or a sport are easier commitments for me which sucks because running is cheap and oh so good for you.

Like many other people with pipe-dreams of color runs and head-clearing jogs, I'd love to be a runner, but it's just never going to happen.

Here are 9 signs that you're not going to start running, despite wanting to:

  1. You can't pick a pair of running shoes- You  have online shipping carts filled with all types of shoes from bargains to high tech robot shoes to fashion sneaks. Before you check out, you decide you should go to a store in person to try on shoes and consult sales people. You will never do that. 
  2. The weather always gets in the way- It's too cold, there's ice on the ground, it might rain, it's too hot, the sun is too strong, it's too dark. You're the Goldilocks of weather conditions. 
  3. You spend hours making a mix- You'll run once it's flawless and you get on of those running sleeve things for your ipod.
  4. You don't know if you should eat a snack before or after your run- So you eat a banana and decide you're more of a post-workout snack kind of person and you'll run later. 
  5. You can't decide whether you should run in the early morning or at night- You always sleep too late to get a run in before work and tell yourself “I'll just go after I get home”, but by the time you've finished your day on the job, you're too tired. 
  6. You're waiting for your friend to run with you- Having a workout buddy to hold you accountable is a great way to stick to your regimen–the regimen you'll have once you have a workout buddy. 
  7. You don't want anyone to see you running- At least not until you're a really good runner. Too bad you'll never master invisibility. 
  8. Something always comes up- Putting your body and physical fitness first is so selfish. Sure, you carb-loaded for a big run today, but that's not more important than comforting your friend over wine or going to do that thing you got invited to.  
  9. You're waiting for the perfect moment to start- When the time is right, you'll just know and you'll run everyday just because you want to so badly. Images via Shutterstock/Giphy