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8 Ways To Eat Better At Work (No Matter Where You Work)

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Every job has its dietary pitfalls. Offices have birthday cake, holiday cookies, and candy dishes. Restaurants have oodles of food. Hospitals have pudding-filled cafeterias. There’s always a coworker who wants to go to our for lunch…or who eats like Liz Lemon. Even freelancing can mean unchecked, all-day snacking. But what I’ve learned is this: those things aren’t going away. If you want to eat better at work, you can’t wait around for the environment to get less unhealthy–you just have to set yourself up for success by learning how to brown bag like a champ.

Whether you’re a doctor, a server, a stay-at-home mom, a high-powered exec, a civil engineer, a member of the Secret Service, or a social worker, your job is not an excuse to eat a crap diet. By making just a few subtle tweaks to your weekly schedule (and buying a little bit of extra food), you can make sure that you’ve got yummy, healthy snacks and meals that will fuel your body and mind and help you be the best at whatever it is you do.

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