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8 Tricks To Help You Stay Hydrated

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If you stay hydrated, you'll feel exactly like this babe.

So, apparently that old folk wisdom to drink 8 glasses of water a day goes a little overboard, but that doesn't mean that staying hydrated isn't critical to human health…especially when it's so damn hot out.

I'm a big fan of water; I generally drink over 2 liters a day. Impressed? Save your applause; I'm no hero–it's literally the only good habit I have. While keeping hydrated is not an issue for me and the other superior specimens, I do know a lot of mortals who struggle to choke the stuff down. Sometimes, I think water-averse types are Wizard of Oz style witches who will melt if they touch it. Really, they are just dehydrated and mere moments away from turning into a puff of dry, dry dust.

Dehydration is dangerous and uncomfortable, let's avoid it together. Here are my 8 tips (one for every glass of water you apparently don't need) to making sure you get enough aqua for your body to run like an efficient and water-based machine.

  1. Eat it. About 20% of your water intake a day will come from food, if you're water averse, try really loading up on watery foods like fruits and veggies.
  2. Spa water. You can put whatever you want in there for flavor–sliced up fruits, peppermint oil, cinnamon sticks, mint, rosemary, honey…go wild.
  3. Look in the mirror while chugging–I don't know why this works, but it just does.
  4. States of matter. Try consuming H20 at different temperatures–eat ice chips or drink hot water with some lemon. If there's a way to consume water vapor, try that and also let me know how to do it.
  5. Bottoms up. Turn your day into a drinking game, but instead of getting wasted while watching Pretty Little Liars with your clique, you're drinking water while living life. Give yourself moments when you'll take a sip of water. Treat sips of water like shots of the worst well-whiskey.
  6. Seltzer. I'm big on flavored seltzer because it tastes so damn decadent for what it is. My buddies call all seltzer ‘Zazz' regardless of brand because they're unbelievably irritating people, but my favorite brand of seltzer is Polar. They have vanilla and blueberry flavors! Both are divine.  Combine this tip with #2 if you want to have your mind blown.
  7. Be cute about it. Get a fun water bottle. There are water bottles to suit every style and personality–find yours, fill it and refill it. It's better for the planet than disposable water bottles and if you spend a little money on it, maybe you'll use the shit out of it.
  8. Take a break. Use drinking water as a way to take a pleasurable break from work. Step away from your computer, stretch your legs, rest your eyes and drink a tall, cool, hydrating glass of water.

There you go, hepcats. Enjoy all the benefits of taking hydration seriously…like not dying.