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8 Pretty Bike Helmets: Safety First Doesn’t Have to Mean Style Second

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Helmets are known for cramping our cycle style, but they're a necessary safety precaution when you're headed out on two wheels. A New York Times article about the German cyclist Jens Voigt (pictured at right), Crashes Can Make Even The Best Cyclists Uneasy, is a sobering reminder that it's better to risk your hairdo than risk your life: In last year's Tour de France, Voigt suffered multiple facial injuries, broken bones, and a concussion – all with a helmet on.

The good news is that not all helmets are a complete downer: Thanks to some cool new brands and new womens' models, the phrase “pretty helmet” is no longer a total oxymoron. Check out these flattering finds, below:

Nutcase – Dots ($50 at nutcasestore.com)

Nutcase – Star Bright ($50 at nutcasestore.com)

Nutcase – Daisy Stripes ($50 at nutcasestore.com)

Bell – Vela Women's Helmet in Blue Flowers ($40; various retailers)

Bell – Vela Women's Helmet in Silver Dots ($40; various retailers)

Giro – Skyla Women's Helmet ($40 at giro.com)

Sawaka – Furuno Helmet ($110 at cyclechic.com)

Bern – Nina ($44.99 at adelineadeline.com)