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7 Ways To Reuse & Repurpose Christmas Fruitcake

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Love it or hate it, fruitcake is one of those Christmas traditions that's not going anywhere. If you were gifted one this year and don't quite know what to do with it once you've eaten a few slices, we've come up with some suggestions for you (and no, none of them are “use it as a doorstop!”) These aren't necessarily the most nutritious recipes, but they'll keep you from tossing that cake in the trash.

Chocolate Covered Fruitcake Balls

Fruitcake Trifle

Fruitcake Bread Pudding

Fruitcake Rum Balls

Fruitcake French Toast fruticakefrenchtaost

Fruitcake Pops

Dundee Pudding

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Photo of Fruitcake French Toast: Houston Press