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7 Ways to raise money to pay off debt

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This is probably the topic I get asked about the most…and I will post over the next week some financial advice that I have found has helped me. Today I wanted to tell you how I started to raise some money…I know they are not long term solutions but they helped in the short term

  • I sold my CD's on Amazon….I had collected many and I copied them onto my PC and then sold them…it brought in $200 per month which helped a lot.
  • I cleaned other people's houses who were working and who wanted someone they can trust. I hate cleaning but needs must.
  • I started blogging which brought in a small income….I write Podcast Freq which pays for my electricity and gas.
  • I logged on to elance and bid to do some work from home.
  • I sold my car.
  • I went to a car boot sale and raised enough to pay my mortgage for 2 months.
  • I changed to paying for everything with a credit card that earned vouchers for food etc….always remembering to pay it off each month

The biggest thing for me was pride, I had to see this as a challenge rather than being poor. Once I saw it as a challenge I quite enjoyed the thrill of finding ways of increasing income each month. Do other people have any ideas?