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7 Cool Reasons To Use Eco-Friendly Mason Jars For Everything

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7 Cool Reasons To Use Eco Friendly Mason Jars For Everything cuppow1 jpg

Earlier today, The Kitchn featured a product called the Cuppow, which is a rubbery lid that goes over Mason and other glass jars to make sipping from them easier. And while the video and images from Cuppow’s website look like they were ripped straight from a popular website with a dirty word in its name, the fact is that this article reminded me that jars are really actually quite awesome, highly eco-friendly, and not, as you may believe, relegated to hipsters. You can even trick them out with a lot of free or inexpensive stuff. So c’mon. Give jars a chance.

Jars are spectacular. You’re still not convinced? Here are 7 reasons why you should immediately begin saving and using them.

What do you use your old jars for? Would you consider making the swap from disposable cups and containers to jars? Let me know in the comments!

Image: Cuppow