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4 Resources To Keep You Active This Winter

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Unless you're Shaun White, or you live in Hawaii, staying active in the winter is a tough task. But just because your favorite boot camp is cancelled until Spring doesn't mean you can't get a good workout while you're cooped up; and it's even possible to stay fit without dying of boredom.

We found 5 resources to keep you moving and keep things interesting:

Sign Up For A Race – Half the battle of staying fit in the winter is staying motivated in the winter; keep yourself fired up by signing up for a race or triathlon in the spring–you'll have to stay on top of training to get ready. Bonus points if you can find friends to sign up for the same race (and train with you).

Treadmill Workouts – Setting a treadmill to 7 mph and sticking in your headphones for 45 minutes is about as exciting as doing your taxes. But you can make it fun to put in the miles indoors–you just need specific workouts and intervals to mix it up. We like this workout from celebrity trainer Lacey Stone; you won't have time to get bored, and you'll get a great workout.


GaiamTV – Between snow and scheduling, getting to a yoga studio can be harder in the winter. GaiamTV is the perfect solution: They offer hundreds of streaming classes in everything from yoga to boot camps. Not only are they a great way to get world-class instructor-led classes at a low price–you won't have to brave the weather to get to them. You can do them anytime, anywhere.

Indoor cycling – It's no secret that boutique spin studios are taking the fitness world by storm, but even if you don't live near SoulCycle or FlyWheel, you can take advantage of this great way to get cardio. Check your gym's class schedule for indoor cycling classes; it will keep you moving and, thanks to changing soundtracks and creative instructors, you'll be pushing yourself in class–not getting bored.

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