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7 Cute & Easy DIY Valentine’s Gifts

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7 Cute   Easy DIY Valentine s Gifts DIYmug 640x426 jpg

pictured is a mug DIY via the blog A Beautiful Mess

Valentine’s Day is next week! Whether February 14 elicits a hooray or a groan from you, it’s hard to not relish a day devoted to love (and candy!) smack dab in the dead of winter. I’ve never been big on Valentine’s gifting, but after compiling this gallery of cute and not-too-corny gifts you can make for your Valentine, I might just be changing my tune. Click through to check out seven easy, crafty DIY Valentine’s gifts.

And pssst! Any of the DIY gifts from our 12 Days of DIY would be great, too!

Photo and DIY via A Beautiful Mess