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69% Of You Think Drinking Cow’s Milk Is Unnatural; Here’s Why

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On Monday, I posed a question to all of you: Is drinking cow's milk unnatural? After doing some research on that topic, there are certainly polar opinions here. PETA activists who tell us that humans are the only species who drink milk from another species. Yet, others defend their right to drink milk, stating that it's something that has been done for centuries and there is nothing wrong with it. But the vast majority of you agree with PETA–69% said drinking cow's milk goes against Mother Nature and is unnatural.

Kteeb wrote:

The milk is intended for the calf, not for humans just like human milk is produced for babies. We may be the dominant species but that does not give us the right to do whatever we want. One needs to think of the original purpose for everything, before humans stepped in and destroyed it. Female cows produce milk for one specific reason, to feed their babies, not for humans.

And peppermentp added:

People would think it is disgusting for adults to drink breast milk from another human, right? But it’s fine to drink the milk of an animal intended for her babies? That does not make sense at all. Cow’s milk is produced by female cows only when she has just had a calf- just like humans. Her milk should be consumed only by her calves.

But not everyone agreed. Rosie wrote:

I understand PETA’s concerns about abuse and neglect on dairy farms. But here’s the thing – using the argument that no other species consumes the milk of another is a little bit of a stretch… No other species drives cars. Should we stop? Should we go back to being hunter/gatherers because no other species of animal has mastered agriculture (fungus-farming ants excluded)? Other species don’t cook their food – should we stop?

To which Claire responded:

…drinking cows milk DOESNT improve or lengthen our lives. And Rosie, how are animals ever going to be treated ethically when to take their milk, we have to keep them continually pregnant and take away their babies (for slaughter by the way) at a day old so we can steal the milk that they only naturally produce for their own young. The concept itself is totally unethical!

Dr. Frank Lipman, an Integrative and Functional Medicine Physician and founder of Eleven Eleven Wellness Center in New York City, also told us in an earlier post that cow's milk is not meant for humans. And all of the hormones, antibiotics and pasteurization only contributes to health issues:

Though cow’s milk may be the perfect food for baby cows, it’s not necessarily great for adult human beings. Dairy is a pro-inflammatory for many people, and classic symptoms of dairy sensitivity are mucus production, respiratory problems, digestive symptoms (such as gas, bloating, diarrhea, or constipation), fatigue, joint pains, and skin problems that range from rashes to acne. Many people don’t have these symptoms when they drink raw milk, so maybe the problems occur because of what is done to dairy.

Personally, I stopped drinking milk two years ago after reading about the unhealthy effects of dairy. And you know what? My skin cleared up, and I had fewer digestive issues. I also had concerns about the way some cows are treated at dairy farms.

In a recent ABC News story, they reported on the animal rights group, Mercy for Animals, who worked undercover at a New York dairy farm. This is what their executive director, Nathan Runkle, had to say about that experience:

These animals are really treated as little more than milk-producing machines. The overall environment at this facility was really a culture of cruelty and neglect.

Reports like this horrify me and convinced me to ditch cow's milk because it does seem unnatural and unnecessary. Through that, I discovered almond milk which tastes even better and is packed with more nutrients than the skim milk I used to drink, so I feel like it's been a win-win for me–and the cows.

Tell us what you think. Will you continue drinking milk or do things like this make you want to seek out alternatives?