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6 Ways to Celebrate Earth Month That Are a Scam and Create More Trash

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Earth Day, Earth Week, Earth Month. In theory, we're on board with all the eco-conscious hullaballoo surrounding this 41-year-old hippies-unite-to-preserve-the-Earth tradition, because most people have well-meaning intentions about making the world a better place on which to live. But in practice, this kind of day-, week-, or month-long international celebration presents the perfect opportunity for huge corporations (and anyone else) to capitalize on all the fuzzy and warm (but not ozone-layer-threatening) good publicity that aligning yourself with Earth Day, Week, and/or Month can provide (which translates into a hell of a lot of green – the spendable kind). And let's face it: For every legitimately good environmentally-friendly activity out there in the world this month, there are lots more that, unfortunately, are scams – plain and simple. (Remember Frito-Lay's compostable SunChips bag that consumers found too loud, so the company discontinued them last year and recently re-introduced a quieter version? More of a gimmick than a scam, but shhhh.) Here's our gallery of six such Earth Month scams that actually end up creating more trash at the end of the hippie rainbow. Call us jaded; just don't call us naive. And don't call us a cab, either. We'll take public transportation instead.