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6 Things To Always Put In Your Homemade Trail Mix

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homemade trail mix ingredients

Last week, I wrote a little listicle about the 6 ingredients that have absolutely no place in your sunny, summery, super-healthy homemade trail mix. Of course, that's not super-helpful if, say, you're making trail mix and you're not sure what you should put in it. So here's a follow up, with the 6 ingredients you should always include in your protein-packed roadtrip snack.

Of course, a lot of this is down to personal preference, but knowing which nuts, berries, fruits, and other add-ins are the best picks in the bulk foods aisle (you are buying them in bulk, right? Because it's way cheaper and better for the environment, you know) can help you put together a mix that's the perfect blend of delicious and nutritious, whether you're going hiking, or you just have a long day at work.

What's your favorite thing to put in homemade trail mix? As always, you can share your favorite picks in the comments.

Image: Yeko Photo Studio via Shutterstock