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6 Not-That-Bad-For-You Beer Cocktails

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beer cocktails

Alright, I'm just going to admit it: while I'm a health blogger by day, I'm kind of a tippler by night. Which is to say, I enjoy a good cocktail and a frosty pint of beer, calories and health studies be damned (although, actually, moderate drinking has been getting some love from Science, lately). But one of my favorite, favorite ways to get some refreshing alcohol in me is to make beer cocktails, which are pretty much exactly what they sound like. And while a beer cocktail isn't exactly a health food, adding soda water, fruit, and other not-that-bad ingredients can lighten the load on an otherwise gut-bombing brew.

Some of these recipes of mine (things I came up with when I used to cocktail, or things I've thrown together in a pinch and actually found to be great), some are tried-and-true, and some are adaptations from other recipes–but they all share one ingredient: beer. Sweet, wonderful, tasty beer. A lot of these also use fresh juices and soda water, so if you've got a SodaStream or other carbonation station, this is the time to bust it out.

Like with all booze, moderation is key…but today is a holiday. So if you're making an exception and drinking your carbs, here are some less-bad ways to do it. Bottoms up!

Image: Andre Blais via Shutterstock