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6 Natural Remedies For A Summer Cold

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Cold and flu season technically ends in May, but that doesn’t mean all the bugs just pack up and go on vacation. Whether you’re traveling to far away lands, or clocking extra hours at work because everyone else is taking time off, summer colds are real–and a real bummer. Get some relief from your summer cold with these natural remedies. 

Between air conditioners, recycled airplane air, and the general grossness of pretty much everything you encounter on vacation, a summer cold is kind of difficult to avoid. You already know that prevention is the best measure (which is why you’re washing often and bringing some sanitizing wipes on vacation with you, right?), but if you do come down with a summer cold–which you know isn’t an allergic reaction or the actual flu–you’re not going to want to hole up with a hot cup of soup like you might in the chillier months. Instead, use one of these cool, at-home options to get some relief. And, of course, if it gets worse, take a trip to your doctor (assuming she’s not on vacation, too).

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