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6 Answers To Awkward Massage Therapy Questions

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Massage therapy is an excellent way to relieve stress, tension and pain. For me, it's incredibly helpful: I have fibromyalgia and regularly feel like my hips are sliding backwards while the rest of me is moving forwards (apologies for the bizarre image; it's the only one I've been able to come up with). I've had massages done in the past to help myself through particularly bad periods–like holidays or college finals week–but now, receiving a professional massage twice a month is a calming, non-drug form of therapy that I've added into my regular treatment regimen, and it's already begun to benefit my overall aches and pains throughout the week as opposed to just on the appointment day.

However, because I'm extremely bashful and an easily embarrassed person, prior to getting my first massage last year, I began wondering what would be considered “normal.” Do I take off my clothes? What if I fall asleep? Will the masseuse think it's weird if I accidentally moan? I did some research and, after a friend voiced those same concerns to me yesterday, I thought it might be beneficial to share those answers with other likeminded individuals who want to take the pre-massage anxiety out of their minds.

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