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50 Things You Can Make from Scratch

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To me, the pleasure of making food from scratch has nothing to do with frugality. It has everything to do with preparing some wonderful foods for my loved ones. Knowing that my family is eagerly awaiting Christmas so they can each get a load of my famous zucchini bread or peanut butter cookies is the biggest compliment any one can give. I think anyone can buy a tin of chocolate chip cookies, it takes someone special to whip up a batch from scratch. With that, I give you:

50 Things You Can Make from Scratch

  1. Pie Crust
  2. Apple streudel
  3. Coffee cake
  4. Zucchini bread
  5. Won tons
  6. Ravioli
  7. Pizza
  8. Chocolate chip cookies
  9. Whipped cream
  10. Vanilla ice cream
  11. Chicken fried steak
  12. Fried chicken
  13. sausage
  14. Dumplings
  15. Croutons
  16. Meringue
  17. Cheese souffle
  18. Pancakes
  19. Orange juice
  20. Strawberry jam
  21. Peanut butter
  22. Orange marmalade
  23. Taco shells
  24. Spaghetti sauce
  25. Chocolate truffles
  26. Herbal tea
  27. Blackberry brandy
  28. Peach cobbler
  29. Chocolate ganache
  30. Corn bread
  31. Chocolate pudding
  32. Creme brulee
  33. Dill pickles
  34. Pickled onions
  35. Strawberry shortcake
  36. Shortbread
  37. Irish soda bread
  38. French fries
  39. Egg rolls
  40. Pumpkin pie
  41. Mashed potatoes
  42. Bread crumbs
  43. Egg noodles
  44. Blueberry cheesecake
  45. Cherry pie
  46. Garlic bread
  47. Canoli filling
  48. Crepes
  49. Hungarian goulash
  50. Strawberry muffins

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