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50 Easy Chocolate Snacks to Make

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I love to make treats and snacks but don't like having to wait a long time for them to be ready (and neither do the kids). So I've put together a list of some easy (and mostly quick) chocolate snack recipes and ideas:

  1. muddybuddies.jpgMuddy Buddies
  2. S'more pops
  3. Chocolate nut chews
  4. Chocolate cake mix cookies
  5. Hot chocolate
  6. Chocolate and cinnamon popcorn
  7. Chocolate crispy snack balls
  8. Easy chocolate snack cakes
  9. Chocolate walnut rum balls
  10. frozen chocolate bananasFrozen chocolate bananas
  11. Chocolate no-bake cookies
  12. Chocolate dipped strawberries
  13. Double chocolate cereal treats
  14. Quick and Easy Brownies
  15. Chocolate rice pudding
  16. Chocolate chip shake
  17. White chocolate snack mix
  18. Chocolate Nesquick Pops
  19. Chocolate lover's brownies
  20. Chocolate butterscotch haystacks
  21. Quick and easy chocolate mousse
  22. mousseChocolate and peanut butter dipped apples
  23. Chocolate snack blocks
  24. Chile chocolate pretzels
  25. Chocolate walnut puffs
  26. Chocolate crinkle cookies
  27. South of the border s'mores
  28. Bearly Hot Chocolate Snack Mix
  29. Quick fudge brownies
  30. Chocolate dipped snacks
  31. Chocolate Frosted Peanut Butter Rice Krispies Bars
  32. whoopie piesChocolate Covered Potato Chips
  33. Chocolate chip cake mix cookies
  34. Chocolate peanut butter logs
  35. Frozen marble pops
  36. Chocolate Crème De Mints
  37. Chocolate quesadillas
  38. Double Chocolate Sour Cream Snack Cake
  39. Whoopie pies
  40. Chocolate popcorn trail mix
  41. Easy chocolate truffles
  42. Chocolate fruit crispies
  43. chocolate-trifle2.jpgChocolate Crispix mix
  44. Milk chocolate snack cake
  45. Easy chocolate trifle
  46. Mars Bars crunch
  47. Chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches
  48. Chocolate peanut butter pizza
  49. Rocky road treats
  50. Graham Chocolate Yummies