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50 Drinks That Warm The Soul

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warm drinks

So the idea here at th B5 Home and Dining Channel is to come up with 50 things that will keep you warm, since Fall is fast approaching.

We already have a lot of food represented throughtout the channel, so I searched back to probably one of my most favorite topics….drinks.

Some of the drinks are warm, some utilize the bounty of the Season, some are non-alcholic but all are “50 Drinks That Warm the Soul”:

1.  Autumn Pear Chip

2.  Napa Valley Winter Punch

3.  Morrocan Mint Tea

4.  Tukish Coffee

5.  Ginger Tea

6.  Polar Bear

7.  Cranberry Gin and Tonics

8.  Peppermint-Cacao Cocktail

9.  The Ultimate Eggnog

10.  The Neo-Politan

11.  Spiced Hard Cider Punch

12.  Mocha Cinnamon Hot Chocolate

13.  Oregon Pear 75

14.  The Gold Rush

15.  Nun's Revenge Fabulous Italian Hot Chocolate

16.  Calvados Toddies

17.  Berry-Brandy Toddies with Rasberries and Cream

18.  Bishop

19.  Hot Buttered Rum

20.  Hot Toddy

21.  Kashmiri Chai with Gin

22.  Spiced Cherry Cider with Kirsch Cream

23.  Hot Orange Mocha with Grand Marnier Whipped Cream

24.  Apricot Pear Cordials

25.  Aztec Sluggers (pictured above)

26.  Bay Leaf and Cinnamon Infused Assam Tea

27.  Cranberry and Vanilla Bean Mimosas

28.  Mulled Cider

29.  Hot Cranberry Cider

30.  Spiced Lemon Apple Cider

31.  Vischer's Hot Spiced Wine

32.  Apple Pie Punch

33.  Spiced Hot Chocolate

34.  Blood Orange French 75

35.  Cranberry Mojitos

36.  Cranberry, Gingerly

37.  Mexican-Style Sweet Black Coffee

38.  Perfect Turkey

39.  Plymouth Rock and Roll

40.  Brandy Alexander

41.  Cardamom Chai

42.  Brandied Hot Chocolate

44.  Caramel-Swirl Hot Chocolate

45.  Ginger Pineapple Sparkling Punch

46.  Mulled Red Wine

47.  Pomegranate-Ginger Champagne Cocktail

48.  Irish Coffee

49.  Hot Buttered Bourbon and Cider

50.  Hot White Russian