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50 Do-It-Yourself Halloween Ideas

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When my son and I go out trick-or-treating on Halloween, we especially enjoy looking at the decorations on the houses in our neighborhood. There are a lot of DIYers in the area, and I’m amazed at how creative they are. Taking inspiration from my neighbors, I give you:

50 Do-It-Yourself Halloween Ideas:

Halloween Costumes:

  1. Operation Game costume – All you need is some cardboard, some markers and a red rubber nose. A hospital gown is a plus.
  2. How about a can of worms? That doesn’t look like a very happy kid, though.
  3. It must be hard to go trick or treating as a Jack in the Box.
  4. And then there’s this fairy costume.
  5. A rainbow alien
  6. Alien abductions
  7. You could be a missing kid on a milk carton.
  8. How about a Ghostbuster?
  9. Here’s a whole bunch of frugal costume ideas from Thrifty Fun.
  10. You can go trick or treating as a crayon.
  11. The bowling pin idea is pretty clever.
  12. I like these bobbleheads, too.
  13. This clever kid went as a letter to her grandma.
  14. A deviled egg…get it?
  15. Here are some fun and very creative ideas including a bat and a Rubik’s Cube.
  16. If you have the body for it, you can be a beauty contest contestant.
  17. How about a Godzilla costume complete with airplane attack?
  18. Why not go as your favorite alcoholic beverage?
  19. Or your favorite video game?
  20. This keg costume is perfect for home or dorm.
  21. A vampire costume wouldn’t be complete without bloody fangs.

Halloween Decoration Ideas

  1. Jack-O-Lantern.com helps you with everything you need to know to carve a pumpkin.
  2. How about this awesome pneumatic tombstone?
  3. A scary giant black spider.
  4. This swamp thing would be an amazing prop for a haunted hayride or haunted house.
  5. And a giant hand for your driveway or front lawn?
  6. Need step-by-step instructions for constructing a cemetery fence and tombstones?
  7. This is creepy: Check out this giant moth.
  8. I love this ambitious animatronic skeleton.
  9. Bouncing Bucky is also ambitious, and very cool.
  10. You don’t need a big house to make an endless hallway.
  11. And if you’re feeling really ambitious, you can make a robot monster.
  12. What Halloween party would be complete without a flying crank ghost?
  13. Talking skeletons are also fun.
  14. Here’s a very cool haunted scarecrow.
  15. Gargoyles add a little something-something, don’t you think?
  16. And of course you need a headless horseman.
  17. How about a witch complete with a flaming cauldron?
  18. Love these aliens in a jar.
  19. How about a bleeding portrait?

Food Ideas

  1. Check out Ziek’s Halloween party.
  2. Freaky Witches’ Fingers
  3. Eyeballs
  4. Meringue Bones
  5. Spicy bat wings
  6. Spider web dip
  7. Kitty litter cake – this one just skeeves me.
  8. Bloody Eyeball Martinis
  9. Cobweb cookies
  10. Brain Paté