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5 Tips On Healthy Diabetic Eating During The Holiday Season

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5 Tips on Staying A Fit, Strong and Healthy Diabetic During the Holiday Season… and it can be tougholidaydiabetic-food.jpgh!

1. Eat something before you go to any party or “get together”. This is a great tidbit of information. It is also good for non diabetics that are watching their weight. You will be so much less inclined to stuff your face with the fillers and high carb fluff!

2. Offer to bring a dish, especially a dessert dish, that you know all the nutritional content about. This will allow you to enjoy a small amount of sweets without gorging yourself on 101 sugar cookies and cheesecake bites. And what is even better… you know exactly what the carb count and serving size is so you can enjoy without worry.

3. Bring your own beverages. I know you think it is tacky but I do it all the time. So many hosts do not provide diet sodas and low carb juices or flavored waters, so I always have my own as back up in the trunk of he car. I don't drink alcohol at all so the flavored, carbonated waters look pretty in my wine glass and I don't feel totally left out!

4. Do not taste and sample all the dishes on the spread. Pick 3-5 that you know you like and stick with them. Always include a high protein, meat type choice. Also, fresh veggies are always a good choice, at least compared to jello salad or potatoe bake!

5. Remember that you are human and if you have a bad day there is always tomorrow! Be kind to yourself and give yourself a break. You have to think about your diet and nutrition 24/7 365 days a year so one bad day should not set you into a downward spiral!

By the way… I have a confession, I ate some sugar cookies that my kids made last night and they were really yummy!