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5 Reasons Jennifer Aniston Is Bad For Society, From Lemondrop’s Nick Hadel

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A certain gentleman and I have a habit of arguing over actresses that we do and don’t like: I don’t mind Julia Roberts, but he thinks she’s a horrid actress. I’m no fan of Brooklyn Decker (she looks like a pug!), he thinks she’s not so bad (uh-huh). The other night, we broached the topic of Jennifer Aniston: He hates her for a number of reasons, but his favorite way to sum it all up is by referring to her as “beige.” (I think he got this trick from his favorite film critic.) I feigned some resistance to his logic, but by and large, I think he might be right. So this one’s for him.

Nick Hadel’s 5 Reasons Jennifer Aniston Is Harmful to Society (That Don’t Have to Do With Bill O’Reilly):

5. She Plays Jennifer Aniston in Every Movie

4. She’s The Inspiration For The Term “Maniston”

3. She Inspires Women To Try Ridiculous Diets

2. Her Romantic Comedies Are Stalling The “Friends” Movie

1. “The Bounty Hunter”

So maybe I’ll find a new actress to champion. Which actresses do you think are “harming society,” and which ones would you defend in an argument if you had to? Tell us what you think in the comments section, below.

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