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5 Halloween Tutus At Etsy

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With everyone gearing up for Halloween and running out to the stores to buy those store-bought costumes I thought I’d take a peek around the web today. I stumbled across Etsy and had a blast looking at all the tiny little Tutu costumes for little baby girls.5 Halloween Tutus at Etsy il 430xN 94016379 etsy 222x300 jpg

Halloween Pumkin tutu–  Bubba & Lulu handmade loveliness for mamas and their babies.  This tut really looks like a tiny orange pumpkin bottom with the green on top. Toss on a white/yellow or black long sleeved shirt and your little precious will look like Halloween all by themselves. NB-4T. $18.

5 Halloween Tutus at Etsy il 430xN 94024957 300x240 jpgLadybug Tutu– “dee dee and me for all things pretty” has designed a short little mini tutu that is red with little black dots sewed on to the red tulle, under the red tulle is a smaller black one that gives it the extra poof it needs. The look it topped off with a beautiful black satin bow.  This tutu can be designed for babies 6months-6T.  The designer, DColby, has a few others at her store including a purple tulle dress with little blooms around the top of the dress, which looks perfect for a wedding.  $27.5 Halloween Tutus at Etsy il 430xN 94028256 200x300 jpg

Clowning Around the fluffy butt tutu– Piggy Tails Boutique has some really fun looking tutus and if your child likes the clowns or circus this might just be what she wants. Or you can get it because you know it stands out and she loves colorful things. $20 from baby until 5 years.

5 Halloween Tutus at Etsy il 430xN 92093768 212x300 jpgCinderella Princess Tutu Dress– Lovely Little Ones has some beautiful dresses, but this Cinderella Princess Tutu is just too cute.   Everyone loves dressing their little Princesses as Cinderella for Halloween, this is the perfect tutu that has a top to go with it. This adorable outfit even comes with a light blue headband as well. The only thing missing is the tiny blue/white slippers. The designer is also willing to make any other “Princesses” you might want instead, just email her to let her know.  Size NB-5years old. $50

For those of you that want an adorable outfit but not a tutu there is always the Halloween Twirl Skirt or the Princess Cinderella 2piece.  Take a peek at them, I know my youngest daughter (age 6) loves Tutu costumes and would LOVE these. Don’t forget to click on the links and visit the stores to find other tutus that might not be mentioned in this post.

Image credits: A Bubba & Lulu, B deedee and me, C Piggy Tails Boutique, and D Lovely Little Ones at Etsy.com