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A couple of years ago I joined DA

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When I first got sober I must have gone to over 400 AA meetings in my first year. That’s what it took for me. As time went on, I discovered there was more to life than AA meetings and I gradually cut back. I made an agreement with myself to return to more meetings if I had any suspicion I was moving in the direction of drinking again. Sometimes I’d go to one meeting a week, sometimes several. Eventually, long after I’d worked all the Steps, I began to trust myself about when I needed a meeting and when it made sense for me to do something else.

A couple of years ago I joined DA (Debtors Anonymous) to let go of my under earning. Where I live it’s not possible to go to a meeting a day in this program and even if it had been I’m not sure I would have done so. I have been a regular attendee at two meetings each week, on Monday evening and Saturday morning. Yesterday I didn’t go to my regular Saturday meeting. I’d gotten behind on a project and decided it made more sense for me to stay home and finish it, which I did.

As we grow in maturity in our programs, we do become able to trust ourselves, and sometimes that means missing a meeting. And sometimes it means doubling up.

With love, blessings and gratitude,

Anne W., 12 Step Blogger

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