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Green Holiday Crafts, Gifts, Decor & Meals

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Here's a guest post from my former co-blogger Jennifer over at Tree Hugging Family:


I wanted to get everyone into the winter holiday spirit before kicking off December. However, I didn't just want to post classic Tree Hugging posts. That said, with a little help from the rest of the channel, I rounded up a huge list of killer holiday (and eco-friendly) posts.

Sit back, browse, read, and linger in the holiday bliss!


Remember, no matter the treat or recipe, you can always green it up by exchanging organic and natural ingredients for conventional.

50 Cute and Tasty Christmas Cookie Ideas

Cherry Dot Cookies

Organic Holiday Cookies!

Hey It's Sugar Cookie Day – worth it for the pretty snowy cookie image alone.

Bacon Nut Stuffing – don't forget, pork is a high pesticide food item, so buy organic if you make this dish.

Top 10 Turkey Tools

Pumpkin Cheesecake – one of my personal favorite treats.

What Else Is In Your Beer? AND Vegan Beer & Wine – I know beer and wine do not make a meal, but hey, they are treats, and if you have a drink, you may as well get the best.


Don't forget to green up your holiday crafts by using recycled materials when possible.

Making Festive Ice Wreaths

yo-yo Christmas tree ornaments

Easy Christmas Crafts for the Kids

24 Things To Make – A Crafty Christmas Countdown

Beautiful Christmas Wreath Ideas You Can Create Yourself

Quick and Easy Christmas Wreath Idea – Snowflake Wreath

Homemade Recycled Holiday Luminaries

Embroidered Christmas craft how-tos

Christmas in July Crafts for Kids

Christmas sewing & crafting tips and tricks

Free holiday projects from around the bead-osphere!

Free Holiday Projects

Favorite Christmas tree ornament tutorials, free patterns & ideas

50 Holiday Things You Can Make Yourself

Thrifty Christmas Crafting

Homemade Christmas Ornament Ideas: Pinecones

How to Make a Candy Christmas Wreath

Make Your Own Pop Up Christmas Card


Green up your homemade holiday gifts by using recycled materials and natural and organic ingredients when possible. You can apply this thinking to almost any homemade gift idea.

Homemade Eco Gifts You Can Make for the Holidays!

Fabric Covered Journal Tutorial

How To Make Your Own Bath Salts

A Gift You Can Make With Your Children~ Hot Chocolate Mix Jar

Make Your Own Solar Light!

DIY Eco Chic Soap

Make Your Own Oilcloth Bags

Cheap Christmas Spa Basket Gift – Heating Pads


When it comes to green holiday tips you can do a lot; be a smart consumer, save energy, reuse items, and way more.

Turn Cereal Boxes into Gift Boxes

Green Product Review: Green Christmas Book

Tips on Staying Healthy During the Holidays

Green Christmas Shopping – 3RLiving Exclusive Discount to Unplugged Living – 3R Living has the coolest green gear, and now, you can score it for less.

How To Reduce Your Winter Heating Bill

Weatherization Assistance Programs

Easy ways to save money when gift shopping online (conserve gas, stay at home and shop).


The First Snowfall – A Day for Fun and Quilting Inspiration

Snow! Snow Everywhere!

25 Reasons To Get Outside During Winter


Christmas Tree Coat Stand

Eco-Friendly Christmas Trees

Decorating Your Holiday Table – with the goodness of soy

Christmas Lights

Decorating Your Coffee Table for Christmas


Great Kitty Stocking Stuffers – recycled tins, natural kitty treats!

15 Unique Christmas Gifts – many recycled!

Steal This Christmas Gift Please!



Kitten Christmas Pictures – you know me; NOT a pet fan. So if I'm posting kitten pictures, you can bet your hide they're flippin' adorable. Even I was moved.

Best Holiday Books, 2008 – kid friendly! Use the library or share with friends to be extra green with holiday books.

Christmas Party Game Idea – Family Tree

Green Holiday Gift Guide: Great Books for Kids

Holiday Lights Video


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