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40 Amazing Treehouses

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This last week and a half we saw some new treehouses – not as many as I'd have liked. You know, I don't think Offbeat is the kind of place that suits series. I spend all week thinking about what I could post if we weren't doing a series. Hmmm, maybe no more. In any case, we have seen plenty of treehouses over the week, and over time here, so in case you missed something here's a round-up.  

  1. treeSnapshot: Old School Beauty
  2. It’s a Love Shack, Baby!
  3. Tree Houses of Korowai
  4. A Different Kind of Treehouse
  5. Baumraum Designer Treehouses
  6. Okinawa’s Treehouse Restaurant
  7. Bestest. Treehouse. Ever.
  8. Gotham Treehouse For Rent
  9. Spherical Tree Houses
  10. House Hanging by a String
  11. Home Of Your Dreams or Dream Home?
  12. Tree Escapes
  13. The Teenage Dream Pad
  14. Do You Fancy Life Inside A Billiard Ball?
  15. Treehouse Bling
  16. The Massive Treehouse
  17. treesIsland Wood Structures
  18. A Treehouse Fit for the Tin Man
  19. The Treehouse – Sybarite Style
  20. A Treehouse for Your Kitchen
  21. TreeHouse Workshop
  22. A Different Sort of Treehouse
  23. A Pint Sized Treehouse Room

Lastly, I wrote a post over at RiverWired about 17 Eco Treehouse Inspirations – some of these I've never posted about here at Offbeat, so you'll find some new gems.

[image via stock.xchng]