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4 Tips For Staying Healthy While Enjoying Your Vacation

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Here’s a quick look at what happens when I plan for and go on a tropical vacation. Weeks before the trip I count down, making sure to eat healthy, double up on exercising and buy a couple of new bikinis. I hit the beach day one feeling awesome and fit. I’m at my skinny vacation weight and I make sure to take a few beach bikini pics, life is great!

And then a few hours later all self control goes out the window. Bring on the pina coladas! Since I worked so hard and because now I’m on vacation I abandon my healthy habits and order whatever I want because ya know, I’m in a foreign place, I should take in the culture! By the end of vacation I wouldn’t be caught dead taking a bikini picture and when I get home from vacation I have a combination of the post-vacation blues plus I’m upset about how I let myself go overboard during the trip.

Don’t let this happen to you! Here are some tips to stay on the healthy track during your next vacation:

1. Be Choosy With What You Eat: You are on vacation and you should enjoy yourself, but that doesn’t mean you have to try everything on the menu. If you’re in a country known for a certain delicacy, of course you should order it. But you don’t need to order it for every meal. Balance trying new foods with sticking to healthy options for the bulk of what you’re eating. Or if there is something you want to try but it’s totally unhealthy, order one for the table to share, take one bite to taste it and then order yourself something healthier. Aside from trying a few new things, stick to what you would normally eat at home, keeping in mind portion size.

2. Find Some Time to Exercise: It may be the last thing you want to do when lounging on the beach is an option, but try to sneak in some sweat time. Because you’re in a new setting, your workout can actually be fun and different than your normal jog on the treadmill. Go for a run on the beach, swim laps in the pool, rent a bike and hit the trails, find a unique yoga class, or even go on a running tour of the city (check out sites like City Running Tours) to take in the sites while you burn calories.

3. Think Before you Drink: If you’re in Mexico and margaritas are calling your name, give in and have one and then transition to a lower calorie option like wine or vodka with soda. Margaritas and other frozen drinks can pack more than 500 calories a glass so while it may be delicious, allow yourself a little indulgence, have one and then move on.

4. Walk it Out: Instead of taking cabs everywhere, make sure you see the city by foot too. Before you head out for sightseeing, do a little research and figure out how to tour the town by walking. If you’re at the beach, make sure to get up and walk along the water every twenty minutes instead of just laying out all day long.

Do you have the same struggle as me to stay healthy on vacation? What do you do to keep yourself on track?

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