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4 Depressing Facts About Water — And 4 Ways To Help

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photo via Treehugger

It’s Blog Action Day — the one day a year that bloggers write about the same issue with the hope of spurring global change. This year, it’s all about water. Treehugger has eight little-known facts that should inspire you to make some changes in the way you use water.

1. 42,000 people die every week from unsafe and unclean drinking water and conditions.

2. In developing countries, students lose 443 million school days a year because of diseases linked to an absence of water and sanitation.

3. More people in the world have access to cell phone than toilets. What does that mean? Lots of human waste making it’s way to waterways, leading to fatal diseases.

4. 17 million barrels of oil are needed to make all of the bottles of water that are consumed in the U.S. 86% of those bottles will never be recycled.

How’s that for depressing? Here’s a few facts that show some positive changes that are already happening to fight the water crisis.

1. Non-profit organizations like Water.org and charity: water are bringing fresh water to developing countries by building wells and sustainable infrastructures for those wells.

2. It’s easy to find out where you waste the most water, and it’s also easy to reduce that amount.

3. It’s also simple to reduce how much we pollute our lakes and streams.

4. More and more areas around the world are discontinuing the use of bottled water. It saves waste and money — San Francisco saved $500,000 a year by eliminating their bottled water contracts.