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#36. Parenting Quote of the Week

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We’d just come back from her preschool open house. Iris had wanted to take Miss Leigh’s piggy puppet with her and had cried in the car on the way home, unable to relinquish her disappointment until I pulled the parking brake. I let her pick a Johnny-Jump-Up in the back yard, and then we came around to the front to collect the mail. Iris liked reaching into the box for me, she liked dropping everything in the front hall too, saying “uh-oh,” and then smiling as if it hadn’t been on purpose. She helped me sort, she scribbled on the cast offs, and sometimes on important things, too, and I tried not to scold her too much, because I felt my own voice making me older with unnecessary corrections.

— Thea in The Other Mother by Gwendolen Gross.