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The Lovely List Round Up

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This is a total repost from my pal Kendra from Diabetes Notes and A Hearty Life, but I just wanted to be sure you saw it. Some great posts today!!

We have decided to change up our normal theme day this month here at the science and health channel. Since lists have become fairly popular, we are offering up our take on the “top 10″ from Autism to Veggie eating. Some of us offered up funny, some clinical and some very personal. All in all I think it was a great job by everyone that participated. So now your up, go ahead and check us out…

Laura at CFS Squared offers up What CFS Has Given Me- The Good Stuff, and by the way she has a kick butt collection of pj’s. At Baldiness she lists a very informative Top 10 Reasons She Might Be Bald By The Age Of 40!

Kristina at Autism Vox really hit home on the mommy thing when she listed Top 10 Things I Have Learned From Charlie And From Being Charlie’s Mother.

Tony at Astronomy Buff has given you Ten Things You Need To Know about Astronomy. This is great for someone like me that knows the big goose egg about anything astronomy related but is wowed by anything about it.

Gloria at Cancer Commentary gives it to us straight- The Top Ten Deadliest Cancers

Our resident vegetarian Jul gives us 12 Tips For Eating More Veggies

Gabrielle gives us a very playful Ten random Reasons For Wanting To Have A Baby

Ali, our very green blogger, and thank goodness she is around to keep me straight on such matters, gives us Top 10 Ways To Green your Commute

Angela offers up some funny stuff at breastfeeding 1-2-3 with 10 More Wacky Search Engine Terms

And I, that would be Kendra, share 10 Things That I Have Learned From Living With Diabetes. And yes, that includes cutting down on my nemesis… cheesecake. I also offered up 10 Hearty Trivia Facts over at my other residence, A Hearty Life

Moving on… Kristen at Lively Women let’s us in on 10 Women Blog Sites That You Will Love. I feel like she shared a big ol’ secret, haha.

Alicia at Mental Health Notes is very real as always, and that is why I love her, by letting us in on The Top 10 Things She Has Done Since Being Diagnosed With Bipolar Disorder

Julie at Breaking The Mirror shares with us 10 Overlooked Eating Disorder Symptoms . If you haven’t checked out Julie’s site, she is an excellent writer that tells it like it is- so go on and see for yourself!

Grace at Kids Health Notes adds her Top 10 List of vaccines for Your Teen. Great information on a somewhat controversial topic.

Scott offers his manly advice on Health and Men with his 10 supplements to help you size up.

And finally, Mary Emma at Alzheimer’s Notes presents us with Top 10 Tips For Maintaining Alzheimer’s Care Sanity

And ta-daaaa! What are you waiting for? Go take a peek!