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St. Patrick’s Day Family Traditions

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Are there St. Patrick's Day festivities in your household?  Special foods, decorations, stories, or card exchanges?

We always made St. Patrick's Day a special occasion when I was a youngster because the hired man, Dan Sullivan, was Irish.  He wore a tiny green bow on his work cap.  It was a game which one of us children spied the bow first when Dan and my dad came from the barn for breakfast.

St. Patrick's Day Dinner - Image: istockphoto

St. Patrick's Day Dinner - Image: istockphoto

(Dan worked for my dad on the farm and was a surrogate grandfather for us children.  He took his meals with us and rented a room from a neighbor.)

Mother cooked corned beef and cabbage, with boiled potatoes, onions and carrots, one of Dan's favorite meals.  Often Mother baked a cake and colored the icing green.

She had a close friend, Aunt Pat, whose maiden name was Kirkpatrick.  Pat always sent us cards on this holiday.  When these friends were in their 80s, Pat still sent a St. Patrick's Day card, even when she didn't mail one for other holidays.

When I was substitute teaching the other day in kindergarten, the teacher's plans called for me to read a story about leprechauns, to use coloring and counting sheets with a St. Patrick's Day theme, and to discuss the holiday during circle time.

Do you have any St. Patrick's Day traditions your children will remember?