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25 Simple Ways to Feel Energized and Refreshed Every Day

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Here is a great list of simple tips for feeling vibrant and restored every single day. Add your tips in the comments, gang.

1. Drink at least 4 glasses of water every day.
Don't worry about arbitrary rules like 8-a-day, but at least drink enough to stay hydrated.

2. Scrub your skin.
The original link says to do this with a rough wash cloth after your shower. Personally, I'm all about scrubbing down with coarse salt and sweet almond oil once a week. Not only does this remove toxins and dead skin, but your skin glows for days and the whole scrubby scented process is pretty darn orgasmic. Do it!

3. Wear comfortable shoes.
Seriously – why walk through your life feeling uncomfortable? We've all seen people hobbling across streets in their blistery kicks or irritating flip flops. Now that's just silly. And ladies, if you can't walk in those heels, stop trying to wear them!

4. Sleep in total darkness.
This will stimulate proper melatonin release, ensuring you get better sleep.

5. Eat organic foods.
I think it's probably more important to simply eat fresh vegetables and fruits instead of junk food and candy. If you can go beyond that and do organic, great.

6. Go to a comedy club once a month.
Laughter is healthy for you. But so is sex, which is missing from the original post. Laugh, touch, just do something fun!

7. Hot water bottle, meet stomach.
This is a cool trick. Place a hot water bottle on your abdomen for a few minutes at the end of the day to relieve tension and ease digestion.

8. Acupuncture.
I've never tried it, but a few friends swear by its stress-relieving power. What say you?

9. Nap daily if you can.
If you aren't nap-challenged like I am, try to incorporate a few brief rests into each week. Napping is excellent for the heart, and it also reduces stress and refreshes your mind. The ideal period for a nap is 20-45 minutes.

10. Eat your biggest meal midday.
Don't scarf down a massive meal late at night. Your body is well-equipped to digest a lot during the day, but it slows down at night. You'll simply feel better if you wake up with an empty stomach.

11. Use a tongue scraper.
Chinese medicine teaches that the tongue is an indicator of overall health, so tongue scraping is essential. At any rate, removing bacteria and tongue goo helps keep your breath sweet.

12. Get massages.
Just remember to drink water afterwards!

13. Give massages.
Physically sharing your energy with someone else is a loving and soothing practice. Touch, whether receiving or giving, is healing and restorative. Dessert: making out.

14. Stretch. Because it feels good, that's why.
Even though this week's news revealed that stretching does not prevent or relieve soreness, I say we ignore it and stretch anyway. Stretching is relaxing and helps open your shoulders, hips and lungs. Translation: better breathing and greater comfort with your own body.

15. Eat spicy foods.
Zest and all that.

16. Take a fish oil supplement.
I think this is probably the most important supplement, by far, that you can take. Essential fatty acids such as those found in fish oil are important for cardiovascular health and mood regulation, among many other benefits.

17. Sing (anywhere).
The original post recommends the car; maybe you like to sing in the shower. Wherever you sing, and however badly you do it, singing releases a great range of emotions and lightens your mood. Get those feelings out, baby!

18. A water filter for your shower?
Some alternative health circles fret about the chemicals that come out of your faucet. I'm not sure this is a valid concern because the U.S. actually has some of the best tap water in the world, but go ahead and buy a filter for your drinking water if it doesn't taste pleasant. If your shower water is heavily chlorinated, simply letting it run for a minute before hopping in will usually help.

19. Eat green stuff.
You know, vegetables. Leafy greens are the most important vegetable you need to eat. Try to eat several cups every single day to ensure you are getting plenty of fiber, vitamins, and antioxidants. The human body really needs roughage, so whether it's kale, spinach, romaine, chard, arugula or butter lettuce, eat up!

20. Dog whisper your stress.
Handle your stress! Stress is terribly destructive to your health. (Balance is a personal weak point for me. I get into an energizing, healthy pattern with exercising, eating right, and taking time for fun and small indulgences, but every few months I swing the other way and it all goes to hell in a breadbasket. Warning signs: dreaming in LOLspeak, checking email before making coffee, wondering if beer has fiber.)

21. Get a pet or plants.
The whole “nurture something” notion. That's fine, but I think it's just fine to nurture yourself daily, too. Even if it's kicking back with a movie or lighting a candle, do something to feel good every day.

22. Listen to music in the evening.
Music can be more relaxing than television, so try this out.

23. Plan a vacation.
The mental anticipation of planning a trip – even an imaginary one – is energizing and psychologically beneficial. Even if you can't afford it right now, plan your ideal trip anyway.

24. Schedule time with friends.
Don't flake. Friendship is the most important thing for your health and wellbeing during difficult times. Don't take your relationships for granted.

25. Exercise, dork.
You don't have to be ripped or lose weight (although those are great goals). Just move a little, 3 times a week. 90 minutes per week of aerobic activity is all you need to boost your energy level, sleep better, and reduce stress.

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