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25 Reasons To Get Outside During Winter

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Technically it’s not really winter yet but it sure feels like it. It’s been so cold lately that Cedar and I spend more time indoors which is fine; we do lots of fun stuff but really we all need to get outside. Cold or not. Nature doesn’t take a winter break and neither should we. Your kids will enjoy preserving the earth when they learn to enjoy it in all forms; cold, warm, wet and all.

Today, get up and find one reason to get outside and enjoy nature.

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Need an idea? Here are 25 good ones.

1. It’s wet, it’s cold, find some eco-frendly coats and gear up.
2. Go on a winter scavenger hunt.
3. Hit the local zoo. see how the animals act differently in the cold months. Which animals are out more or less? Bonus, the zoo will be empty — enjoy the peace and quiet.
4. Play Extreme Leaves!
5. Attract winter birds. Even build your own winter bird feeder.
6. It feels less cold outside when you get that blood pumping. Grab a big bucket of chalk and play hopscotch. See how many variations you can try.
7. If you have a local waterfall park go visit. Waterfalls are drastically different in the winter and summer. Most people visit in the summer. Why not see both sides. Below is Cedar on a hike we took at Silver Creek Falls in Oregon last January — he had a great time and this is a child who refuses to wear a real winter coat — so it was cold. But he slid on ice and had fun all the same.

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8. Plant a winter garden.
9. Go caroling tonight.
10. Hiking in winter can still be fun. Sure it’s cold but you can learn to do it right.
11. Collect the items for and then make a holiday winter wreath.
12. Make the most of winter stargazing.
13. Go sledding.
14. For the brave — winter camping! Less spiders more fun.
15. Collect the items for and then make a winter kissing ball. A kissing ball is a similar but different sort of tradition than plain mistletoe. Usually it involves a potato, winter evergreen sprigs, and of course kissing.
16. Build a bonfire.
17. Make snow angels. You too — not just the kids.

25 Reasons To Get Outside During Winter cedar angel jpg

18. Learn to make a traditional Japanese paper boat. Make many. Find a nice clear winter stream or pond and go sailing
19. Make a family time capsule. Go for a secret hike in the woods and bury it. Second plan; bury it outside at your house but stay outside afterwards and play a winter game of catch.
20. Hit the beach; if you live near one. Empty, cold, different and still. Winter beaches are loads of fun. Bonus — wet sand never blows in your eyes.
21. Try snowshoeing; it’s one winter sport that’s perfectly emission free.
22. Bundle the kids up in blankets toss them in a red (or other colored) wagon and go on a night walk to see the Christmas lights.
23. Plan a winter picnic.
24. Snowboard responsibly. Get a sustainable harvest wood board from Venture Snowboards or a recycled option from your local used sports equipment store.
25. Go to the park. Yes it’s cold but the park’s still there. Just different. Your kids will still have a great time simply being with you outside.

Bonus idea; plant a tree — there’s never a bad day for this.

What’s your family’s favorite outdoor winter activity?