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25 Inexpensive Ways to Sow Kindness

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This week I read about Robyn's 38th birthday celebration, which was to complete 38  random acts of kindness.  Robyn was pretty creative at fulfilling her tasks and it looks as though she and her family had a great time blessing others.  I'm sure many people's lives were touched by their acts of kindness and many more will be affected by reading her post.

We've heard stories of people paying it forward by paying someone else's tab in the fast food drive-thru or at a restaurant.  Some of you may feel discouraged by this because you don't the extra money to help out someone else.  I want you to know that random acts of kindness don't have to cost anything.  Here are some inexpensive ideas to get you started . . .

1.  Visit a neighbor. Maybe take some baked goods. 
2.  Divide up your overflowing flower bulbs and share with someone else.
3.  Give compliments. Something as simple as “That color really looks good on you” can brighten someone else's day.  (I need to work on this one.)
4.  Sing or play a musical instrument at a nursing home.  When I used to visit my grandma, I would play Christmas songs and other music on the piano.  It was a small act that brought joy to many.
5.  Send a card.  A simple “thinking of you” or “praying for you” goes a long way to making someone feel loved.
6.  Right a wrong.  Have you hurt someone else's feelings?  It's never too late to mend broken fences.  Make an effort to restore a broken relationship.
7.  Rake leaves, plant flowers, or make repairs on an elderly person's home.  Many times they don't have the physical ability or the money to pay someone for the work.  It would mean so much to them.
8.  Mentor a child.  We have a son that we're adopting and having a mentor in his life has been a blessing to us.
9.  Babysit for a single or stressed out mom (for free, of course).  Having a few hours alone can really help someone to feel refreshed.
10.  Pass out sandwiches and hot chocolate to the homeless.
11.  Volunteer at the homeless shelter.  You can serve food or just be someone to talk to. 
12.  Write thank you notes for your child's teacher and school administration.  Educators have a tough job with little thanks.
13.  Donate gently used toys, coats, and blankets to a ministry such as a women's shelter.
14.  Offer to run errands for someone. Call your neighbor to see if they need anything. This would be especially helpful to an elderly person or a mother with young children.
15. Save expired coupons to ship overseas to military wives.
16. Take a friend out for coffee.
17. Deliver dinners for Meals on Wheels.
18. Crochet hats for cancer patients or sew blankets for children who are hospitalized.
19. Clean houses for cancer patients.
20. Donate old towels, rugs, blankets to an animal shelter.
21. Volunteer at the local animal shelter.
22. Give someone the benefit of the doubt. We all make mistakes and are in different stages of life.
23. Send cards to troops overseas.
24. Let someone go in front of you in line.
25. Take dinner to someone that is sick or is unable to cook for themselves.

I know there are many other ways to show kindness without spending much money. Can you help me add to this list?

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