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Wanna Know How Much A 200 Calorie Serving Can Vary Between Foods?

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Though we are all (probably) aware of which foods are super bad for you versus really great for you. I mean, it is pretty obvious that a slice of cheesecake is most likely not a better choice than, say, a wholegrain sandwich with primarily veggies on it, right? Unfortunately, while many people are great at knowing which foods have little to no value, it can be much harder for us to estimate just how many calories we are consuming.

Indeed, portion sizes are one of the most problematic issues in the American diet. People sometimes believe that eating “only” a small order of fries or a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich in the morning is the same as controlling portions, but it isn't — those still pack tons of calories, fat and sodium. Instead, reading up on how much of the bad stuff is in your foods can help you determine whether or not you still want to eat those foods in the sizes you have been (if at all).

This snazzy, informative video by AsapSCIENCE shows just how much food goes into a 200 calorie serving — and the amount¬†really depends on the food. A small scoop of peanut butter? 200 calories. A huge plate of broccoli? Also 200 calories. Approximately two bites of Big Mac? 200 calories, as well! Give it a watch and see if you have been stacking up the calories without meaning to, as well as learning about what exactly calories are. The more you know about your diet, the better equipped you are to make healthy choices!

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