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10 Funniest Twitter Responses To The Final Demise Of Hostess

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hostess going out of business

Hostess asked the Federal Bankruptcy Court for permission to go out of business this morning, blaming unions and bakers who went on strike in protest of the company's new contracts. The strike may have been the final nail in the coffin, but many would argue that their real problem is that people just aren't eating Twinkies like they used to (or, that they don't know how to run a business, depending on who you talk to). Whatever your take on what this says about workers, unions and business, the final score seems to be: American diets: 1, Hostess pockets: 0.

The news is probably saddest for the 18,500 Hostess workers who are now unemployed. (Twinkie-lovers shouldn't despair yet; the company is now moving to sell its assets to the highest bidder, which probably means that another company is going to start making its most popular baked goods.) But you wouldn't know it from Twitter: Most people are either happy about the demise of a junk-food producer, or mourning the loss of their favorite baked goods.

We parsed out the funniest tweets about the junk food company's final closure. Add your own jokes in the comments section below:











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