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14 Things to Do with Old Phone Books

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Way back in the day before, before there were booster seats, my grandmother would give us telephone books to sit on so we could reach the table easier. Every family I knew had a telephone book on hand for just such an occasion. Now of course we have special seats for the littlest guys.

As you know, I'm annoyed at having to deal with so many phone books. Yesterday I told you how to opt out of receiving telephone books. Today I'd like to offer some uses for the phone books piling up in your home.

  1. Recycle – All phone books are recyclable. In fact, many are used to make new phone books. Just pack up with your regular pick up and let the pros handle it.
  2. Use to clean windows – Use vinegar and phone book pages for a streak free shine.
  3. Use as a booster seat – Just like grandma. When company is visiting and small bodies can't reach the table, use a phone book or too to help them out.
  4. Use to press flowers and leaves – Preserve flowers and leaves for framing or art projects.
  5. Use as animal bedding – Shred pages and use for animal bedding for hamsters, gerbils, rabbits and more.
  6. Use to line litter pans – Don't forget to recycle the cardboard covers.
  7. Use as packing material – Tear out pages and ball up or shred to pack around fragile items.
  8. Use the pages for mulch – This is the same principal as using newspapers for mulch. Tear out the pages and lay them all around the plants to keep out weeds and keep soil most. Cover with dirt or your regular mulch.
  9. Use as a step for step aerobics – Add a new challenge to your aerobics workout but stepping on and off the phone book.
  10. Keep one in the car – Can't find your restaurant or lost going to a party? Use the phone book to keep you directed.
  11. Use for kids' craft projects – Paper machier anyone?
  12. Use to kneel on when gardening – Prevent muddy knees by using your phone book as a kneeler.
  13. Use as a fire starter – Take camping or keep handy by your fire place for starting fires.
  14. Use as trivets – Protect tables and counters from hot dishes and pots.

Tell us…what do you do with your old phonebooks?

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